Summer Radio Theater Project with KTOO

Welcome to Theater at Latitude 58’s Summer Radio Theater Project.

Radio Theater Shows aired on Saturday, August 18 at 7pm and on Sunday, August 19th at 11am.

Theater at Latitude 58 would like to thank the folks at KTOO for their support of our radio theater project.  We especially thank, Cheryl Levitt for sharing our vision and to Jeff Brown who helped us put all the pieces together and to Shelly Smith, Karen Allen and Sarah Everett for all their work in the post production process.

Our show consists of 4 plays:  Pippi Goes To School, Riddles in the Dark, The BFG, and Thursday. 

1. Pippi Goes to School by Astrid Lindgren.  Adapted for reader’s theater from Pippi Longstocking. 
Cast Members Include: Alexis Griffin, Ali Lee, Bellah Smith, Clara Smith, Lydia Smith, Grace Hudson, Molly Minick, Portia Carney, Taylor Simpson, Elias Minick, Melia Lu Trousil and Jin Yue Trousil
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2. Riddles in the Dark by J.R.R. Tolkein.  Adapted for reader’s theater from The Hobbit. 
Cast members include:  Summer Smith, Lydia Smith, Elias Minick, Toby Minick, Taylor Simpson and Miranda Hirst.
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3. The BFG by Roald Dahl. Adapted for reader’s theater from the BFG. 
Cast members include: Grace Hudson, Clara Smith, Molly Minick, Elias Minick, Melia Lu Trousil, Jin Yue Trousil, Portia Carney and Bellah Smith
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4. Thursday by Douglas Adams.  Adapted for reader’s theater from The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 
Cast members include: Tsifira Kiehl, Adara Allen, Toby Minick, Elias Minick, Miranda Hirst, Valery Taylor and Sarah Everet
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Thank you all for joining us!

Please check back with us.  We will be in the radio studios again in December to produce a holiday theater program.  If you would like to get involved, please contact us by October 1st, 2012.